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Daily Food Intake Calculator

One way to watch your weight is by observing your calorie intake. Food calorie, also referred to food energy, is the quantity of energy obtained by eating. If you consume large amounts of calories per day, it will store in your body and those calories that don't get used will turn into fat resulting in weight gain. Every person has a unique diet because not every one has the same metabolism and the same activities done during the day. Some exercise intensely and do it everyday, while some don't exercise at all and become couch potatoes. If you want to watch or count your calorie intake, an advisable solution is by using the daily food intake calculator. By entering your age, weight, height, gender, and your lifestyle or how much you exercise, they can compute on how many amounts of food you should eat and how you should exercise. And by that, you can get the required or advisable calorie intake per day whether what your aim for your body is.

With the help of calorie counters you can easily realize what you are and what you are not allowed to eat and you don't run the risk of miscalculating your servings and ruining all your efforts. The best part is that a calorie counter can also help you determine which the correct serving sizes for certain foods are and they can also provide substitutes for foods with a high calorie content. Dieting doesn't have to be something hard and complicated as long as you do it wisely and you use helpful tools like a calorie counter.

With the help of the food calculator it is easy to determine your proper caloric intake. For example, a medium framed 25 year old male that weighs 142lbs and has the height of 5'5" with exercise 3 times a week is instructed to consume at least 2141-2208 calories per day in order to maintain weight. The more the man eats without proper exercise, the more he will gain weight. Meanwhile, for women who have a small frame that has the height of 5'3", weighs 120 pounds and is 25 years old, 1860-1870 calories are advisable for those who exercise lightly. Because women have faster metabolism than the men, they require less calorie intake than males. If a 45 year old large framed woman weighs 150lbs and has the height of 5'3", the suitable calorie intake would be from 1550-1670 calories per day. And a 45 year old large framed man who weighs 154lbs and has the height of 5'6" is required to consume at least 1833-1853 calories a day.

Simply put, the bigger your weight, the older you are, with a sedentary lifestyle, you will need to consume less food in order to maintain your weight or stay being healthy. However, if you have a healthy lifestyle with proper daily exercise, and want to gain those fats or muscles, a larger amount of calories will be necessary for you to achieve that goal. And with the help of the daily food intake calculator at, you will accomplish your ideal weight.

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